Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Student Engagement | Latin America

Rhonda Dookwah

Rhonda Dookwah

Assistant Professor: University of Trinidad & Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago

“When I get the students first in the semester, they submit their first assignment, and they really don’t understand a lot of the comments. For example, they commonly confuse pronouns or improper citation, so I have to explain it. As the semester progresses, my work becomes easier because they understand what the corrections are and they are able to correct for themselves. They send fewer and fewer corrections to me on the discussion board, so at the end of the semester, I am quite happy with my results.”

Rhonda had used Turnitin as a student before going on to pursue two doctoral degrees. When she entered the faculty at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, she began using Turnitin with students of her own. As a robust user of many of the tool’s features, she is motivated to use it because she knows it is an unbiased type of reporting. Turnitin can, for example, be used to spot errors in grammar, or a lack of reference material. Rhonda appreciates that kind of correction because she feels there is no bias. Her students come from all over the Caribbean – in a class of 50 students there may be as many as 15 different dialects represented. By using Turnitin, Rhonda can provide objective assessment and feedback. At the end of the semester, they all know how to write standard English because of the feedback they receive using the program.

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