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  • Quick Tip: Targeted Feedback for Better Conclusions

    Read how Matthew Davidson, English teacher at Sutherland High School, provides feedback to better improve student conclusions.


    My "Conc." QuickMark. Description: A conclusion should leave your reader with a sense that your paper, while defending an initial premise, has been building toward an important idea.

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  • Integrating the Assessment Process

    For Steve Hoole, e-Learning Services Manager at Buckinghamshire New University in the UK implementing the most up to date and innovative technologies to enhance the assessment process across the institution is key to his team’s success. Although use of Turnitin was well-established at the university Steve had a vision for a fully integrated assessment system which would benefit and enhance the learning process for both staff and students. Steve won a Turnitin Global Innovator Award for his drive and ambition in developing an innovative scheme to incentivise staff to make use of learning technologies in their teaching. Read Steve's case study.

  • Making a Difference

    As part of a drive towards greater efficiency and to help streamline the assessment process at Bradford College, UK, Clare Wolfenden, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader saw the opportunity to champion the use of Turnitin in order to offer her education students online feedback on their work. Clare initiated a comprehensive training program with all staff in the department to make use of Turnitin and automate the whole assessment and feedback process. Clare won the Turnitin Innovator Award in recognition of her work which has made a real difference to both staff and students in the department. Read Clare's case study.

  • Redefining the Feedback Process

    Toby Trewin, Education Technology Manager at Hale School, the oldest independent boys’ school in Western Australia, and winner of one of the 2015 Turnitin Global Innovation Awards is passionate about the importance of providing feedback as a means of improving students’ understanding and performance. For him Turnitin has redefined the feedback process and has provided teachers at the school with a valuable resource, time, allowing them to focus on teaching and learning and developing the formative experience of students in the classroom. Watch Toby's video.