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Can Turnitin Really Help Students to Improve Their Writing?

The Australian National University’s Academic Skills & Learning Centre and ANU Online have created a Turnitin Practice Moodle site which aims to provide a safe and confidential place for students to familiarise themselves with Turnitin. Following the site’s popular reception over the past year, they have created resources that teach students about how Turnitin can help them write better – with academic integrity and their own authorial voice.

Aiming for Integrity: What Students Don't Understand About Plagiarism

How well do students understand plagiarism? What about citation? Where do your students fall on the spectrum of understanding plagiarism?

No Feedback Left Behind: Feedback Studio for iPad

Notice something different with Turnitin? Feedback Studio is Turnitin reimagined for the modern classroom.

Great Teaching is at the Heart of Learning: The Science to Prove It

In an age where technology, culture, and knowledge meet, it is our job to put them into context within our learning ecosystem. Purposeful technology is the force that enables us to move smoothly with less effort and should feel like the right tool, at the right time, for the right purpose.

Teachable Moments: Using Current Events to Discuss Plagiarism

Plagiarism has been in the news quite a bit this election cycle, and there have been many scandals involving public figures in the past few decades. These events are startling and shocking, but can also be educational as they can demonstrate to students the importance of always using one's own voice when writing.

Comment Crafting: Strategies for Using QuickMarks to Capture Students' Attention

Audrey Wick, English Professor at Blinn College and the 2014 Turnitin All Star MVP for Higher Education, is ready and willing to share with you her best practices on using QuickMarks. She'll discuss her tips for customizing them and for making them fun and engaging to ensure that your students will read and apply your feedback in their work.