What Does Global Ethics Day Mean to You?

Today, Wednesday October 19, marks Global Ethics Day. Launched by the Carnegie Council, Global Ethics Day explores the meaning of ethics in international affairs - including in education.

To mark Global Ethics Day, Turnitin asked educators across the world what academic integrity means to them, and why it is so important.

“It is the foundation upon which we stand as academics,” - said Zeenath Reza Khan, from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences at the University of Wollongong, Dubai.

“Without integrity in what we teach, how we teach it, how we deliver, and assess the subjects and courses we teach, the knowledge we impart has no value. Just as we expect ‘charity to begin at home’, academic integrity also begins with us, the academics.”

Zeenath, winner of the 2015 Turnitin Academic Integrity Award for the Africa and Middle East region, continued: “As a teacher of ethics and integrity, I persevere to be a role model of integrity for my peers and my students, to demonstrate with my behavior, my work and my practices the values of integrity I want to see in them.”

The high value of academic integrity is a sentiment that is shared worldwide; Earle Abrahamson, a Senior Lecturer in Sports Therapy at the University of East London, believes that academic integrity is vital to upholding high academic standards.“It is the ability to discern right from wrong; and the adoption of robust measures to ensure that academic work output is devoid of dishonest practice,” he said.

As part of Global Ethics Day, the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) is holding an International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating to emphasise the importance of academic integrity in today’s world. Follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #excelwithintegrity.

Director of Academic Integrity at UC San Diego, Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant, recently discussed the cultural implications of contract cheating in a recent Turnitin webcast with Turnitin.

“We’re proud to partner with academic and research institutions, government agencies, publishers and corporations around the world,” said Gill Rowell, Education Manager at Turnitin: “We’re pleased to be supporting organizations like the ICAI in spreading awareness of important ethical issues and encouraging fairness and honesty in education.”

Striving for the highest standards of academic integrity and ethics in education are driving forces for Turnitin’s company vision. Explore our resources for upholding academic integrity teaching and learning.