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From Here to There: Students’ Perceptions on Feedback Goals, Barriers and Effectiveness

From Here to There

The process of teaching students how to write is centered around feedback that can guide student understanding of how their writing was received and interpreted. Feedback is essential to writing instruction. In order to provide more effective and engaging feedback, we need to ask: how well do students comprehend and act upon the feedback we deliver to them?

Prompt Up the Jam : Strategies for Developing Effective Writing Prompts

Prompt Up the Jam

A challenge that many educators face is developing prompts that will provoke their students to think critically and deeply about a topic. Join us and our panel of experienced instructors for what promises to be an informative, in-depth discussion on these issues and more!

Instructor Feedback Writ Large

In September 2014, Turnitin conducted an exploratory survey of over 2,000 students to explore student perceptions on instructor feedback. What do students generally think about the feedback they receive?